Selling on SEWmc is as straight forward as creating a new listing/ad. To create a new listing just press/click on place new ad and complete the ‘form wizard’. You will need to be registered to create listings/ads. Registration is required to maintain the quality and safety of the site. Registration takes only a minute or two. Once registered you can crate as many listings/ads as you need. During the launch period all listings will be FREE of charge whilst the site becomes established. Your registration information is kept from ‘casual’ browsers of the site, they will only see items not contact information. In order that someone contacts you regarding any of your listings they too will require to register. Once registered potential buyers will be able to contact by email/phone and discuss you listing and complete the purchase as you both agree. You will remain in control of the sale process at all times. SEWmc only act as an advertiser NOT your agent. It is fully your responsibility to conduct the sale with integrity. Your listings will only appear on the site once approved by moderators. This approval will be granted with 24hrs of you creating your listing. Once sold you will be responsible for marking the listing as sold. Should you require to modify your listing at any time, re-approval will be required. Your listings will be displayed according to the number of days specified when you placed the ad. Ads may be renewed as required. Please remember this site is your site as a collector, please respect buyers at all times, thank you.